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The final

July 12, 2:30 AM to 5:00 AM – A Day & Time I will never forget.
 Hong Kong, Lan Kwai Fong

The Dutch coach says very appropriately my sentiments for all those who are criticizing them for their aggressive play. He has said it better than I’d have and I will bold and underline the most important part …

“It was still our intention to play beautiful football, but we were also facing a very good opponent,” said Bert van Marwijk, the Netherlands coach. “Spain is the best football country the past few years. I think both sides committed fouls. It may be regrettable this happened in a final. That’s not our style. But you do play to win.”

absolute-fuckin-ly !! 

 but then I can’t resist my own rant too, can i? …

It was finally the best match of the world cup and quite appropriately the final too. Oh boy, what a contest. No player could keep the ball to himself even for one second and that for the entire 120+ minutes. Why? Because the 11 – each one of those 11 – on the other side won’t let him. It was thrilling to watch this game and an exemplary show of commitment by each of the 22 players and 3 referees. It must be shown as an example of how you get committed to your cause in military schools, to young kids and wherever! Amazing, simply amazing.

The thing about this game is that it does not do justice to read about it. One needs to watch it – the full game – to realize how tough this competition was between a highly skillful side vs another one which just won’t settle for the 2nd place – both the sides deserved to win on 11th July 2010. But it had to be one. That is what was so fuc – k – ing great about this game! I loved it. An experience I’d never forget in my life. It was beyond words. I could not think of any words to express my thrill to my wife after the game and so I just kept quiet about it, talked about other things and walked back home with her. I still get goose bumps when I think about the game.

To put it simply it was a game of football among 2 teams in which the total of 22 men had individually resolved that they’ll go home as winners. This game was a show of how it works out when 11 men on two sides each resolve in equal intensity to get that one thing – that beautiful, very beautiful Jules Rimet Trophy.

My ways in life owe a lot to the way I played football. And this is one of those games I’d remember every time I’ll need an uplift in my resolve for anything I’d go after.

End note – the thing about this game and its lesson though is that one needs to be a long-standing viewer (and a player) of any team contest like football, hockey, cricket etc to know that this was not an ordinary contest of a final in a tournament. This was not the everyday final. This was beyond it. This was very much beyond it. An acute observer of players’ behavior in a team contest will always notice someone slacking off somewhere, someone not running hard enough, someone not paying attention, someone not going after a ball with 110% intent to take it back. That acute observer will not find that moment in this game.

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