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score one for spain in style

New York Times has the best quality of writing among all that I read. Every single time one can just depend on a memorable yet elegantly simple and still not bland read of an event. Always well written.

Regulation had spilled into overtime of this fractious game Sunday. The clock was nearly exhausted, as were the players. Soon, the World Cup final would be decided by its harshest verdict, penalty kicks, and skill would give way to nerve and caprice.

A record 14 yellow cards and a red would be issued by the English referee Howard Webb. A potentially beautiful game between two elegant teams had turned nasty and destructive.

… even if this one will be remembered more for meanness than splendor.

The Dutch intended to take Spain away from its graceful passing game. And they frequently did, sometimes with brutal intent. Still, Spain showed hardness of its own, becoming unnerved at times but never discouraged.

Finally, it prevailed for a fourth consecutive 1-0 victory, displaying resolve, endurance and a flair for white-knuckled theatrics while completing a remarkable turnaround.

or in the stereotypical African safari image

“Freedom will forever remain elusive as long as they continue to witness the rich getting richer while their situation is rapidly deteriorating”

… Nelson Mandela …who will be 92 in a week …

… often strangled Spain’s stylish passing attack by whatever force was necessary …

“It was still our intention to play beautiful football, but we were also facing a very good opponent,” said Bert van Marwijk, the Netherlands coach. “Spain is the best football country the past few years. I think both sides committed fouls. It may be regrettable this happened in a final. That’s not our style. But you do play to win.”


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